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My K9 750 is going to be my track bike.

So far I have done the below,
SC slip on
Healtech quickshift
Puig double bubble
-1+2 sprockets
New rotors with HH pads
braided lines

In a week I will be spending time with Dave Moss to check my suspension setup.

Anything obvious that I should do or it needs? Well apart from a decent rider.

Currently using pedals..
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How much experience do you have on the track? The most beneficial thing you can do for yourself is get in seat time. All listed except your new pads and braided brake lines is fluff if you're relatively new to the track (like me :biggrin ) If you're this new, chances are you aren't using the bike's full potential and all of that money you poured into mods could have been spent on more track time. Just food for though ;)
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