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Haven't been here on line for a couple of years as i sold my 01 gsxr 1000 and went to dirt bikes for a while. Good to see Jeff W and Nigel are still here .
Last week i finally saw sense and bought the 05 thou. Lookin back ,i reckon the 01 was absolutly the best bike i have ever owned until last friday.
On the first gixxer i clocked up 37000 klm's and i do feel very comfortably on these rockets so as i took delivery of the 05 i was not daunted at all.
So, what do i think, Well i reckon it is the best ever. The slipper clutch is real cool " click down 3 fast gears and it all keeps in line.
A bit more comfortable than the 01 . The screen feels real close to your face and there seems like there is more less bike in front of you . I think it's just lower.
at first i thought there would be a lot of air blast with the low screen and was surprised it was really ok. I had a MRA on the last bike and it did make a difference but there was so much vacume behind it the front wheel lifted in the air while doin 285 Plus. So i think i will stick with the standard screen for a while.
Don't know how i will tie a bag on the back with out damaging the paint. Can't wait to get it on the track.
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