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School Me: K1 750 Nitrous Addition

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I'm currently wanting to pull the trigger on a Dynotune nitrous kit that claims to spray over the IAT sensor and fools the ECU into dumping more fuel (up to 40 hp) Before PC adjustments are necessary.

Does anyone have long term experience proving this method is safe for the motor?

What plugs and gaps are recommended?

I do have a PCIII but prefer not to have to switch between maps constantly. The bike has 17k miles on it, 1k intake cam and 750 intake cam moved to the exhaust side. I feel I'd be content with a max additional 30hp via the nitrous system.

Any help you can lend is greatly appreciated!
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I'm in (as previously stated) for hearing from individuals who've been using the kits (as advertised) and have not had to make fuel adjustments.
You would have better chances of getting the answer you want over on
Did you just say above the thread is a recipe for "I blew my engine"? Make up your mind already, sheesh. :wacko You're doing zilch to add to the intellectual content of the thread. Plenty know, including myself who's experienced on other platforms of the potential consequences of nitrous. No one's 2 cent smarty remarks are needed herein.

I'm in (as previously stated) for hearing from individuals who've been using the kits (as advertised) and have not had to make fuel adjustments.
There's no need to be upset. Unlike some people attempt to lead you to believe, dumb questions will get you mocking answers. A bit of research would have already led you to this answer, considering the vast number of times it has been addressed in the past 15-20 years, so you should only blame yourself for smartass answers.
Back in '05, I picked up a salvage title '03 600RR cheap. I had lots of plans to race it in several different formats, for as cheap as possible, which was in sharp contrast to our Hayabusa program. My local dealer threw in a dry nitrous kit. We started building a removable side car platform for Ice Racing. We also were going to build another side car for Bonneville. My monkey/welder and I had a falling out...the side car project got shelved.

But I still liked the idea of a cheap race bike for the salt, if we blew it up, I wasn't really out anything and my younger brother was going to ride it. I had read somewhere not to trust the IAT sensor to add the fuel, but that didn't stop me from trying.

We took some timing out, crudely. I made some modifications to the air box, ran all short stacks and mounted the nitrous line inside. I installed a pressure activated bottle heater, that was a coffee time project at work with junk that I had scrounged.
I scored a titanium Akrapovic system on ebay cheap.
I picked up an old 2 dial Schnitz nitrous controller and a used PC111.
Why complicate matters with fail safe devices, I armed it with the high beam switch and the horn button would drain the 5lb bottle....know when to spray.

We had it on the dyno a few times and played with different jets. The shop made me both a nitrous map and one for motor "only". You get greedy and want more power!
I recall on another visit, with some fine tuning, we eventually saw fun.

We took it to Speed Week. On it's first and only pass, my brother Craig was nipping at the record by mile never made it to the 3rd mile...melted pistons...he pulled off the course and felt bad that he'd hurt the engine. I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Of course I had to learn for myself and perhaps you will too...
Don't rely on the IAT sensor to trigger enough fuel to compensate for the nitrous, there will be lean spots.

I just saw it as an opportunity to build another engine, and that one evolved into a nice little high compression 636 with a 2mm overbore. I bought a used wet kit but never installed it, but I did learn my lesson!



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Dont rely on the IAT to richen the fuel, You will need to add the fuel via a fuel management system
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