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saw my friend go under a van last week.. freaked me out

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Got my bike back from almost two weeks in the shop getting new ebc rotors .
my buddys like lets go riding.
we where riding on a busy 2 way street.
a van just turned into our path.
I was about 30ft behind my friend.
he locked the brakes fishtailed and highsided.
he then slid under the rear of the van.
He went under the rear wheels getting mashed up bad.

looked really f*ing bad.
he was lying on the road f*****d up screaming till the ambo got there
he's out of hospital now.
amazingly no broken bones, just an injured shoulder and ankle, ligaments and cartlidge etc..
bike the frame slider cracked the motor mount.

before seeing this i was a very hardcore rider. 130 mph on the FDR in traffic etc.
I ride mostly with brooklyn bike groups including double R
anyway since seeing that i've been riding like a real pussy and am mad freaked out,
i cant stop thinking about accidents etc. this is really affecting my riding, and enjoyment of my bike.
I went out to LI on the weekend and was cruising at about 75-80 instead of my normal 100-130.
I feel theres def something up with my riding psyche now...

anyone else witnessed something that changed their riding ??
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NO i've seen some stuff and knew alot of peeps that died last year...but what i do to keep my street riding at a slower pace is trackdays with friends....gets the speed out...cuz i used to be like u and ride fast all the time even on the main highways....

u should try a trackday and then u don't have to worry about cagers and oil in the road and stuff like a track day its all about u and ur bike and ur ability to ride it....its a life changing experience!!

sorry to hear about ur bud...hope he heals quick
as much as i hate to say it, it's a wake up call. far too many riders dismiss the risks of riding. sport bikes werent meant to go slow, but keep it on the track
i think the idea of trying a trackday or two is the best thing for me to do.
I love going quick and just cant stop. But I dont want to go out like my friend, even though we where not going that fast at the time.
So you figure if i try the track i can feed the addiction and feel better about riding more slowly on the streets. Sounds good.
Bro a bunch of us were riding with my boy N August one night and it was raining...we got up ahead of him...he didn't have a helmet on and got his bike N Febuary of this year...anyway we got up ahead of him when we didn't see him anymore and finally stopped. We waited for a while and he never came....a deer popped out N front of him and he hit the deer and got thrown under a's the craziest thing I have ever been a part of N my life. I didn't ride for a month...It's scary out there at times.

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was crazy cause this guy paused his turn when he saw us, then lept out at the last second, said he just froze up. I almost got arrested because i flipped on the photographer when i found out the photographer taking pics of my frfiend lying there in agony, was from the paper not the official police photographer. wayne sorry to hear about your buddy.
Just give it some time. Stuff like that always f*cks with your mind.
At any speed (fast or slow) there is always danger on the roadways. Just be safe and ride.
F'n cars turning left in front of motorcycles. Hardly a week goes by I don't see a story of a bike wrecked in the paper from a car not yielding.

I'm so paranoid of this if I see a car about to turn left coming toward me, I slow WAY down, like 30 mph. It makes them wait for me, and probably pisses them off, but I don't care.

I used to flash my high beam, but now I just leave it on high, not sure what's the best idea.
Glad your buddy didn't lose his life. Some cagers just are asleep at the wheel. Got to be careful.
glad to hear he came out of it alive, he is a lucky man to say the least!
I saw a friend loop a wheelie and it was a sobering moment. I stopped doing wheelies for a while. It was his first real day trying them and he got a little carried away. He saw us carrying them for a good distance and he just got frustrated and too much throttle. But it a wake up call. No injuries other than a little rash where the road wore through his mesh gear. I will never wear mesh after seeing that. Actually, the black bike in my avatar is the same bike on the same day with me on it. He said it couldnt wheelie so I took it for a spin. Not 2hrs later he looped it.
I'll tell you what when I got into a wreck 3 months ago it changed the way I will ride forever just the thought that i could have died if I went just a little left or a little right
little things like that really change how people ride after.
You want to talk sobering! I bought my bike in the last week of April. May 5th I had a woman pull out directly in front of me. She never saw me comin and never even looked. Wiped out my front tire before I could slow in time and sent me flying.

Two bad things happened that day. It was the first time in years (since my last dirt racing accident) I had not worn my gear. I wrecked my brand new bike! Needless to say the road rash added some lovely new conversational pieces to my body filled with previous racing war stories, and I learned that 90% of the times that cagers strike motorcyclists, they don't even care to stop, never mind ask if you're alive or how you are. Nobody cared and cars drove around me as I'm lying there trying to gain my composure after slamming a jeep. It sucked.

From that day I have done my best to be as aware as possible. I am ALWAYS wearing my gear, and I've learned to use my bikes full braking potential properly. The best Offense against unsafe and unaware drivers is good DEFENSIVE driving.

I still hit the twisties super fast with buddies, but I know to keep my eyes out and I never race around on roads I haven't been down a million times. I have to know every bump, crack, side road, etc. before I will take anything on with any sort of speed. I know it's not worth the risks.
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I hit a guardrail last year and wrecked my bike. Luckily full gear prevented any serious injury but I was very hesitant to get back on a bike this past spring. Finally in May I bought a new bike and it took about a month before I felt fairly comfortable. I still get an uneasy feeling when on a tight road with guardrails. I agree with the guys on here, I'm getting to a track. Streets are too dangerous to really enjoy the bike. I can't wait to ride without cars, animals, poles and cops :cheers
Yeah.. I've really toned down my riding.. I was on the 5 south near dana point when this hwy butthole comes up on my right gets in front of me and slams on his brakes.. I always cover my brake so I was able to stop.. I lost traction on my front twice.. Almost lost it..This fucker says I'm going to jail for wreckless driving.. I had no idea he was behind me.. Now I ride like a pussy because of too many tickets.. It's dangerous when 20% of your attention is focused on looking for cops..
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