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Another track day noob with the same bike as mine sent me a PM asking how I wired mine, so I documented it for him. Posting the photos here to help other clueless people like me. Comments from the peanut gallery welcome... I've never done this before.

Bike is a 2011 (L1) GSX-R750. There's nothing really handy to wire the filter to, so I drilled a couple of 1/16" holes in a tab located on the front edge of the oil pan.

All photos are shot looking up, with the front of the bike ("forward") towards the top of the photo. The twisted wire that's already there is the one for the oil drain plug.

First photo shows just the hose clamp and hole, for context. Second photo is a bit hard to figure out... what I'm showing here is the wire going through the hose clamp worm screw housing. then twist, thread, twist again, trim and curl the end.


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