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Sportbike insurance fees (such as for my bike) is going up by 525% to over $1,300 plus another $100 for the registration/bus tax/road tax/etc. License fees are also going up to $127. Making the grand total over $1,500 before even getting collision or theft insurance. All this for the pleasure of riding for 6 months.

A seperate motorcycle license will also be required and even if you do not own a motorcycle, you will have to pay every year in order to keep it active.
Automobile registration/licenses are also going up by approx 100%.

The SAAQ (Quebec's version of the DMV) is proposing these changes to be implimented gradually in 2007 and fully in 2008. They are holding public consultations for interested parties to discuss the issue.

More info can be found at the following site:

Help stop the insanity, please go to the following site and sign the petition!

Thanks in advance.

(Note: All prices are in CDN dollars)
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