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I want to take my bike to the strip this summer. I am not sure what gear is required to ride the bike. I do have the gloves, helmet and the jacket. Do you guys know if they require leather pants and boots also? I live in ohio if that helps.

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I am not sure about your track, I know here if you pass 120mph you need full leathers and I blieve you always need over the heel boots but I dont think it matters if it is a motorcycle boot or not. Here if you pass the 10.00 mark you need a kill switch. I know the track here is really really strict on the helmets they allow on the track. My advice is call the track and ask them exactly what you need they'll tell you.
Just get pants and boots anyway - jeans and shoes won't help much if you down at 100mph...
Dont be a dumb ass on the tree either. There's a general rule, dont light both lights before you opponent has entered the first beam. Light your top bulb, let him move in, then when you're ready, light the bottom bulb.
Never heard that one and I have been to the track many times over the years. The track here just requires helmet gloves and long sleeves, but leathers are a good idea. Just don't try to impress ppl mainly, when I go I just try to beat myself and I don't stand around and brag bout my bike. It is what it is, all you have to do is look at it to see what I got. Just have fun!! and be safe!
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OK, not so much a rule as it is a common courtesy. At our local track, you can tell the noobies, mostly it's the rice burner crowd. You'll see them roll all the way through the pre stage into the stage and then put out the top bulb, deep staging, some dont even stop there and put both bulbs out and the starter has to back them up into the beams.

Watch your real local racers, the Saturday night bracket crowd. None of them will light both bulbs at once. That's a sign that you are ready and if both of you do it at the same time, the starter may go ahead and start the tree quick, not giving you time to really get set.
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