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RPM Motorsports denying damage

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So I had my bike in at RPM for a service on tuesday and it went way bad. I had them flush and replace all my fluids along with the normal service. So I get the bike home and see what I think is a large scratch directly above the rear brake resovoir. I look closer only to find out the fairing is cracked all the way through and about 3-4 inches long. I called them PISSED and the tech is denying he had any issues when he filled that rear resovoir, what a surprise huh?

This is the 2nd time RPM has damaged my bike. What can I do? I have recent photos proving there was no damage prior to it going to them. Any suggestions?
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Found a super amazing shop. Dude is a sport bike genius.

Supertune Motorsports on just north of 44th on Alison in Wheat Ridge. (basically 44th and just west of wadsworth)

Dude's name is Mike and he has taken super good care of me and my bike. Prices are about 60% of anyone else in town that runs out of a full on shop. Check him out and tell him Marshall sent you.
Super :shifty
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