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Hy friends...

My bike started to do a very strange thing. While riding, the needle of the rev meeter on the panel stays shaking sometimes... For example, when it shoud be indicating 5k rpm, it stays oscillating too much from the 7k to the 11k rpms !!! Than, suddenly, it turns off. Than it begins to operate normally again.....

It seem to be an electrical problem, probably a bad contact, or a bad wire, I will have to seek, I think, problems in the wiring.

But I need your help, because I don´t know WHERE to look for this problems... I don´t know what is the wire (the collor) of the rev meter, or where is the sensor of the rpms in the bike.....

So, If somebody where could help me, telling where I have to look, and what I have to do to solucionate this problem, I would appreciate a lot!!!

Thank you so, and I´m waiting for your help...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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