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I guess Ill start by introducing myself to the forum since is the first of the many posts. Im a newbie and just got a 750 gixxer. Ive had it about a week and Im having a blast on it. Its fairly new, a 2004 but I bought it used and it had some road rash on one side and few chips on the other. I just hate lookin at em, they make the bike look soo ugly. Anyways I was lookin for a paint scheme but knowing that I personally dont have any artist in me, I cant do anything cool with an airbrush and neither does my friend thats gonna paint it so I decided to go with a paint that was awesome in itself. Chameleon paint. I just wanted to get some feedback on it and see if anyone else had some good Ideas.

Oh and stickers are out of the question. Ive seen some Real nice vinyl graphics but theyre still just cheesy stickers....
If anyone else is thinking of painting you should check out this site. They have some awesome paints like crystal fx, crazer and flip-flops at awesome prices. Just not sure of the quality yet......

This is the color I bought for my bike
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