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I bought mine from Motomummy. good to deal with, freight took a while (more to do with me being in Australia than them).

I ordered this tool because being new to bikes, and having done a clip style master link chain the hard way, I figured that if it made the job even 10% easier, it would be worth the money. It would also let me run a rivet link. (clip style was on my 250cc).

All I can say is WOW. I expected the kit to be a little gimmicky or fiddly. I was wrong. This made the job so easy that I can't say enough about the tool.

what started as a brief read through of the instructions included with the tool ended up seeing the job done in about 10 minutes (including the time I spent looking for the right pieces after I dropped the open box ). the only skill you actually need is the ability to read.

They clearly mark each piece of the tool and tell you where to put them/align them. if only all specialised tools were this straightforward!

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Yea, the RK is night and day compared to the harbor freight ones. I was skeptical at first considering the RK is $100 more but well worth it. I have 3 of them now...
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