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I'm a little late on this but if I was in his family's situation I'd appreciate the gesture at least. Alex was a rider who I barely got the chance to know on our local forum:

What we know: Alex was out riding like he typically does on a Saturday night (August 4th) when a lady who blew through a red light/stop sign, went across four lanes of traffic, and into Alex's bike. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. They questioned the lady and through all that happened (knowing she possibly killed him), she didn't seem to care.

The updates posted on his condition:
Aug 5 said:
From what I was told he was out riding like he typically does on Saturday nights. He wa hit from behind an flung off of his bike. The car that hit him drove off and he is now at USA hospital in serious condition in the ICU. His sister said on Facebook his head is fractured and on a ventilator. Prayers be with him when I get home from drill I will stop by and see him.
Aug 5 said:
I called the hospital earlier today and all they told me was that he is in serious condition in ICU, tomorrow morning I will visit him and see how he is.
Aug 6 said:
Went by the hospital today to visit alex, he is still in serious condition and unresponsive but thats all they can tell me since I am not family. I have no way of contacting the family but I will try to find out.
Aug 6 said:
Update got a text a min ago
he is moving around a bit they have him sitting up so the fluid can drain and the family are keeping him sedated to limit his movement while the swelling goes down.
Aug 7 said:
Apparently his jaw and cheek bone are broken, his eye socket and skull is fractured and possible optic nerve damage. His brain was bleeding at the time of the crash but stopped quickly it started to swell up as the dried blood is being filtered out, but the pressure has gone down though. He woke up today and was moving his broken leg around but doesn't know where he is and wasn't talking. There s no spinal cord damage but are unsure if he will be able to see out of that eye if so how well and if any brain damage.
Aug 9 said:
Just got some bad news guys Alex won't make it through tonorrow
Aug 10 said:
Sorry everyone but Alex has passed on today its hard to hear. We lost a great person.
The guys over at the Ninjette forum are raising money through the sale of "in memory of" decals where ALL proceeds will be going to the family of Alex to help fund the funeral. There is a member of the ninjette forum that is fronting ALL costs associated with producing and shipping the decals. If the decals interest you feel free to purchase a few, if not and you just want to donate that is fine too.

This is the decal:

The purchase thread can be found here:

And just in-case you guys don't want to register just to see the PayPal link:

From what I understand the guy loved to record videos, take photos, was all-around positive about everything, and would wave to anyone. Basically a good guy who just enjoyed riding whether it was on a ninja or a scooter.


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Tragically, this is nothing new and happens every day over and over.

USAFR600, sorry for the loss of your friend. RIP Ethioknight everyone else, watch it out there
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