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So, new member but old stalker of the forums.
Also my english is kinda shitty so please bear with me.


I own an rf900, just bought that sweet sweet little piece of the speed force last week, and got it last saturday from the shop (oil,carbs,brakes, the works), and was having an absolute blast with it. That is, until a friend of mine got hit by a car while riding my bike and fell to his side :banghead, lost a footpeg, some minor scratches a bent clutch lever and a slightly bent clip-on, nothing too serious, well until i saw the oil, OH GOD THE OIL, i went to take a look and then i died a little, the screw(nut?) on the lower side of the bike (sorry i don't know the correct word, engine case maybe?) had broken off.
The mechanic said a good weld will hold it well since it's just the screw (nut?) that broke, but I wanna play it safe and just take the whole thing off and buy a "new" one, and since here in Brasil it's very difficult to find parts for the rf900 and ebay shipping prices for heavy parts are outrageous, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if i can put another gsxr engine case (?) in there, there's 2 here in my city going for R$800 (about 250$), one from a 93 1100 and the other from a 95 1100.

Any help would be very appreciated, I could get another bike with the insurance money but I really came to love my 900.

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Are you talking about the bolt where you drain the oil or something else?
Pictures if possible will help

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