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I recently had a charging system issue.

Knowing my stator was fused between all 3 legs and ground, i didnt want to chance another stator frying so i decided to replace the RR as well with a mofset unit from roadstercycle.

The ordering process was painless, and there was a miriad of options for what to buy. For the novice, i suggest a kit with pigtails on the connectors pre-crimped. theres barely enough wire to not need any extra if you cut the regulator loom off of it to use for the stator connection like I did. My kit only had connectors to crimp.

After installing my high output stator from ebay, and the regulator, my bike maintains 14.2v at idle.

The RR kits are excellent, and highly recommended.

I purchased a charging system monitor. Its worth the price. Adds peace of mind and was a simple install.
I personally soldered mine to the mainboard of my cluster/dash. I had to wire it to the constant power source instead of switched. The power draw of the dash gave it false readings.

I am about to email roadstercycle a request to have it updated slightly, to add a calibration feature to change the voltage offset when plugged into a used power source.

I still highly recommend the monitor, worth its weight in gold.

If anyone wants help with wiring it to their dash internally, i can send pictures, or walk them through it.
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