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Came back from the Suzuki Party today.........well I don't know if any of u guys went to the Suzuki fest, if u did, you will have been as disappointed as me. If u didn't here's a few of my experiences, and some tips if anyone plans on going next year.

1. The actual circuit is not signposted until u are about 300ft from the place, so that meant we wasted about 30mins riding around, as the circuit is not in Adria even though it's called the Adria Raceway. It's actually a few kms away.

2. There are practically no vendors there, I counted 3 and 1 of those was selling beer

3. There was one dealer who turned up and had on display all the 04 GSXR models and the SV1000 and that was about it.

4. You can try out the new 04s on the track or get some track time with your own bike, but u have to book really early. We booked too late and were f*cked when we got there, we basically were hoping that someone would fail to turn up so we could get a chance

5. If u do make it on the track, for godsakes don't bring a 1k, unless u really know what you're doing or u don't mind getting hammered by SVs, 600s or SRADs all day long. The track seems far too tight and small for a 1k.

6. Although I didn't see any spills or slides, they let anyone on the track and I do mean anyone. There were alot of guys who looked like they hadn't been on a bike before, while at the other end of the scale there were guys who were extremely fast. Basically there's no grading of riders, so u get a real mixed bunch on the track. Don't be surprised if u come across a bunch of guys crawling around at 50mph.

7. The number of people was quite low IMO, I went to the Yamaha Fest at Misano in 02 and the place was packed out. Also there is not much atmosphere, no trick bikes to look at, no stunt teams.....basically nothing.

The good side ???......well there is only one good side and that is the roads around the area are fantastic to ride; good asphalt for the most part, lots and lots and lots of sweeping rights and lefts, and no police

I know there's only a few guys over here in Italy so this is not of much interest to 99% of u, but if your ever on holiday in the area around this time of year, give the Suzuki Party a miss. Definitely not worth it.

ps. Got some pics, but they're real shit ( crap camera ) I dunno may post 'em up later

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