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Review of L2 GSX-R750 and a potentially complex issue

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Hi everyone. As you all know I'm new to the forum and I would like to post a little review of the limited time I've had with the bike so far.

A little about me. I've been riding for about 15 years now. But haven't been to the racetrack yet (planning on that within the next 6 months). I also haven't owned many bikes but I started off on a Kawasaki ZZR250, then upgraded to a 1999 Yamaha R6, then a 2013 ZX6R (new) and now a 2012 GSX-R 750. I've had small rides on a 2013 Triumph Daytona 675, 2015 Yamaha MT-09 and a 2018 Honda CBR1000RR. Again, I've mostly ridden street but I am fairly confident in handling the bikes at high speed and through corners (as far as street riding goes). I also like working on my own motorcycles because I just don't trust the dealers unless I can't fix something due to lack of resources.

With that out of the way let's move on to my small review. Five days ago I went for an inspection of the bike it looked clean and seemed well taken care of, hence I purchased it. It has the following mods on there:
-Full Yoshimura R77 (??) exhaust
-ECU and dyno tune (130hp apparently)
-Aftermarket grips
-Bonamici Racing brake and clutch levers
-Clutch switch mod for clutchless start (throws an FI light but more on this later)
-Techspec tank pads
-Fender eliminator

I've since ridden the gixxer 750 only 3 times since then, including riding it home from the inspection. Today I went for the longest ride (about 40 minutes) with my wife on the back. It feels great to ride and it's not an overly aggressive body position. I can actually flat foot the bike which is neat. I've changed the shift pattern to GP shift as that is what I had on the ZX6R, which helped solve an issue I had with the gear lever placement as I was riding today. It goes well but I find the power is lacking which must be due to the clutch switch issue I've been reading about on this forum. Brakes feel good for the street and stop really well. Handles corners well enough but I think after changing to new tyres, it might be better at this. Overall a great bike and not many complaints.

Now comes the issue I'm having. From what I understand, removing the clutch switch forces the bike to use a neutral map and therefore it loses power. According to the guy I bought it from it has been tuned, but the throttle still feels choppy, almost the same as if it was from the factory. Because of the aftermarket levers, there doesn't seem to be a mounting point on the bike for the clutch switch. But it has been zip tied to a harness with 2 wires connecting to it (see picture)

Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Gas Auto part Pipe

I want to fix this up and put the clutch switch back where it belongs so that the bike can run as it was intended. I really don't care that I have to pull in the clutch to start the bike. That FI light annoys me (I don't have the dealer switch to pull the code) and I feel the lack of power is due to this issue. So the problem for me is two fold. 1. improve the bikes performance and 2. get rid of the FI light. The issue I'm having is where can I mount the switch and which wires do I connect to the switch?

Now to be clear, the bike runs smoothly and without issue despite the FI light coming on. I could leave it as is but I feel like I'd be gaining so much more if I could resolve this issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading :)
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I’ve had quite a few bikes myself. Around 800,000 miles seat time and two 750’s. 09 and 17. 17 was the best handling and second best powerful behind my 17 gsxr 1000 and 18 R. I was running a K&N Race filter, Full Yosh R77 17-46 520 sprockets. Just one tooth more on the rear. Had “Daniel” do a mail in ECU flash and that bike was quick. Bstones S21 tires are good enough on the street keeping the power down. My 1000’s the S21’s suck but on the 750 perfect. Ran his tune for a long time then got the bike dyno tuned locally and picked up 8 more HP 136 almost 137 and it felt a little slower honestly. Definitely would have Daniel flash the ECU again. Price is on point and he knows his stuff. Not a greedy prick like most places charging insane prices for stage 1 and 2 crap that doesn’t even change fuel maps. I would try my set up and go from there. Motul 7100
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