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Rest in Peace MPD

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It is with great regret that we have to inform you of the passing of one of our admins and one of our own. Mpdgsxr1000 passed away yesterday of a heart attack in his home town of Nashua, NH.

Mike was one of the "OG"s of, and he is one of many who made this site what it once was, what it is, and what it always will be.

The site will never be the same without him

More information will be posted in Here

R.I.P. Mike

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Rest in Peace my Friend :(
:sad Rest in peace MPD.
R.I.P. God Speed!!
I never knew him...I don't know who he is...but it's always too bad to loose a friend biker...I hope he will rest in peace!
Again... God's protection over his soul.

. He was one of the good guys.. he is missed... and I'm mad he is gone.

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RIP. It's always sad to hear about a fallen friend.
I was Shocked to hear and Mike had some great times here. This life was taken way to soon..Rest in Peace my friend..You'll be missed for a long time.:sad
Rip Mpd
OMG...:sad. I don't log on very much anymore due to work, but Jesus this is not news I wanted to hear, nor is it news anyone on this site wanted to hear. I feel so bad for Jason and their entire family. Mike was a good man. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Jay and your family. RIP Mike.
thanks mike for the countless hours of entertainment on word assoc.

rip our brother....:crying
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