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Replacing the fairing bolt kit

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Hi everyone, I have a 2011 Gsxr 750 and was looking to replace all my fairing bolts and plastic clips but was looking for some advice on where to look. I didn’t wanna go oem and I’m looking to get the bolts in an different color than just the standard grey ones.
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Just curious - why do want to change them? This isn't a subject I recall seeing before.


EDIT: never mind. All my bikes in recent years are all minty low mile specimens so all mounting HW is new-looking. I forgot what it was like back when I bought older bikes with worn-out fasteners.
good lord a 2011 is an old bike now? sheesh
Heheh, no a 2011 is not old. For the past couple of decades, I've gravitated towards immaculate bikes regardless of their model year. I've seen trashed 5 year old bikes.... and I've bought 35+ year old bikes that were almost showroom, like this '84 750 Turbo, where all the fasteners were still brand new-like.

OP sorry for the threadjack lol.
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