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OK, now for a politically incorrect, but effective way to not waste time and get the job done.

Contrary to popular beleif, there is no need to undo the fork or remove said cartride holder in the bottom of the leg provided you have decent ability and use good sense.

You will have to sacrifice a $2 dollar screw driver a, but oh well.

Sharpen the end of a flat head screwdriver and notch it just a hair first.

Remove the forks, then take off the dust seal and internal snap ring. Then carfull drive the screw drive thru the rubber part in the center of the seal and it will lift/pry right out. Careful not to nick the outer tube by levering on it.

Oil and put the new seal on and gently work it down. You can use the old gacked up seal to drive it, then put the snap ring and dust seal back on.

I have done this on several conventional forks with no problems.

Now the jacked-up USD forks are a nightmare all unto them selves. One way the old school gixxers are better.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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