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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and new to Gixxer line.

Recently I purchased FTECU data link, when I tried to install, I realise some ports that the FTECU hardness requires, has been taken up by other pins. (Not sure if the previous owner did anything to it.)

So I tried to remove the necessary ports from the connector, but doesn’t seems to be able to.

Did a lot of research on how to remove it, but no luck so far. None of them work, I even did a slight damage onto the connector plastic.

Lucky enough, the bike still starts up and run like normal.

By any chance does any one know how to properly remove the pins from the ECU connector on my 2013 Suzuki GSXR600? View attachment 568938

As you can see from the picture, position 29 is free for me to plug the new connector in, but not for pin 15 & 16.

I also found some excel about the pin position purpose. Apperantly position 15,16 is left blank, I assume it’s for future pins like PC5 or something.

But if that’s the case, my bike isn’t equipped with PC5. Or any other 3rd party device.

Please advise, thank you very much!
Stick a small pin that will fit in the hole right over the top of the pin on the plug in side and kind of push down to mash down the little catch clip inside this will release the wire for that hole and it will slip right out but you should pull on the wire lightly while you're doing it
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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