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Remote idle controll

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Hey folks, out of curiosity, since the newer gen gixxers have no fast idle controll, i have been formulating an idea of how to make one... Does anyone know a company that makes a remote idle controll screw for any of the new bikes? I want something similar to how the remote brake adjusters work, but ran to the throttle idle cam. Basically, have it mounted to the tripples, and allow me to adjust my idle speed for cruise controll, stupid stunts, etc.

If anyone has any ideas, id appreciate any and all of 'em
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just get an idle adjuster cable from a 2000 GSXR750. I have been using one from a 2000 GSXR750 for my last 4 GSXRs
They do have a fast idle. It kicks on at startup and is based on temp. It can be adjusted but the factory service manual says it is preset at the factory and not to adjust it unless it is not working.

You may be speaking of something else so if so disregard my response.
I know guys that take a piece of black rubber hose that fits very snug onto the idle screw on the tb's. They then run it down to the left side of the bike, make a little mount, and put a bolt in the end of the tube. Then u can adjust the idle of the bike when ever. Basically just like the srads had.

psoff, what all is required in installing that? i figured with the electronics in place it would make it a PITA
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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