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Rehab...well, I'm gaining range of motion in my wrists. My left, wich came out of the cast last monday, has more motion than the left, which came out of it's cast a month ago. The difference being larger plate & 7 more screws needed incisions on both sides of that fracture. So those tendons are "irritated" more. I had a OT appointment this morning and the numbers have improved roughly 10 degrees on the right and 30 degrees on the left...50 total on the right/ 70 total on the left...this is a motion you all can relate to...that's the range of motion I have as if I were turning a throttle on the gixxer. Still lacking strength in the wrists. I can open a peanut butter jar, but I can't pick up my 35 lb daughter if she doesn't want me at bath time or for a diaper change. And she knows I'm not 100% so she takes advantage of me...she's a chip off the old block

As for the Ltd...It's just sitting. I'm going to see if the motor is fine next weekend when my buddy (Dave- '99 Z-Rex) is in town. Dave, his wife Linda & son stay with us on our Army Reserve weekends. (they live 4 hours north) So he'll be my extra pair of hands.

I'm just waiting to hear back from Joey about that rear half of a gixxer he has. If I can get that from him I can just weld it on instead of fiddling with lengths of aluminum stock & building a jig. Otherwise I have some bodywork and I'll order some Beasley Fiberglass bodywork this winter. I'm good on the other time and income allow. I'm hoping I can get it on the road again April or May...

Because I plan on being 100% rehab'd by January.
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