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Reg Pridmore's CLASS School

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Going to Reg's CLASS school this Thu/Fri at Streets of Willow. My first time at Streets and my girlfriend's first time on the track, period. Can't freakin' wait. Haven't been on the track since April and first time with the new Gixxer.

Anyone attended this school? Any advice/tips specific to this school? I hear he follows people around with a video camera in the afternoon and takes some footage. Anyone know if he sells this?

I will let you know how it turns out and if it's worth the $295/day, IMO.

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If you haven't had any, and I do mean any Instruction you will find it useful, and your girlfriend should find some tips.

I had done Keith Code's 2 day camp and my dad had done two Novice days with Sport Bike track time (school sessions are free for novice riders) and he didn't learn a thing. The weather sucked but the classroom sessions was just a different instructor saying the same thing over and over.

I was disappointed and actually fell asleep for a bit during one of his sessions.

The on track sessions are pretty much free for all, no structure to help you learn what is taught in the class.

For new to track it should be of some benefit, but if you've had instruction you probably won't get anything out of it except track time. Now I would spend the $395 for Code Superbike school as he has the tools that can help you.
Tell us how pridmore school was man, I am thinking about KSSS but its a lot of dough..
Well KSSS is only at Road Atlanta.

In Cali I would recommend Code or Head to Las Vegas and Do Freddie Spencer.

Maybe also look at Jason's school Star. But if you have done numerous trackdays I would suggest staying away from CLASS.
the thing about KSSS is Kevin schwantz, I mean for me to be in the same room or track with Kevin is the same as taking instructions from Rossi.

Freddie Spencer is a wildcard for me though, its close and cheaper i think.
I agree. I was up in the air about doing KSSS or Code 2 day camp. I did Code as at the time it was the most well known. But kind of wish I had done KSSS now. If $$$ allows some day I may go ahead and do KSSS
Well I just got back from 2 days at CLASS and...worth every penny!!! The fee was $285/session, but I went with my girlfriend and we paid $855 for 4 sessions (one free), so about $215/session. Considering I spend most my track days at Pahrump (Spring Mountain Motorsports Park near Vegas) at $185/session, the instruction was way worth the extra $30. CLASS runs A/B groups, 20 min track and 20 min classroom. Plenty of riding. Reg is great and so were all of his instructors. You can get all of the instructors to follow you around and vice versa. The 2-up ride with Reg is also amazing. I do plan on checking out Jason's STAR school...have heard good things from a few guys just starting to race. And Jason does 2-up rides also. Just amazing how smooth those guys ride. You can't tell when he goes from brake to throttle...only way I could tell is I could see his right hand leave the brake lever. I have heard Code's school is good, but a bit pricey.

For anyone that hasn't done Streets of Willow, it is a must. Bumpy (so have your suspension dialed in) but a total blast!!!
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JFYI Jason does a 2 day camp, 1 day at the streets, and 1 day on the Big track..I know a few guys that took his classes, and learned alot, and Jason is just as smooth as his Dad...:D And a great guy to boot..

And if you think the Streets are bumpy now....ya shoulda seen it Before they repaved it...:lol btw, I'll be there tomorrow with Hypercycles..:D
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