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So I have a 02 1k with about 16k miles on it. PCIII, full yoshi exhaust, and a KN filter. Always had Mobil1 synthetic oil, KN oil filter, and always ran 93octane through it.

The PCIII tells me I'm running very lean, smells like I'm running lean as well. I've run seafoam through many tanks now hoping it was just gunked up injectors. I've replaced the plugs as well with NGKs. Still running lean. Any ideas???

Also, the bike doesn't like to stay running on cold start till its warmed up, It always starts but it will stall out 3 or 4 times on a cold start before it stays running, then no issues after that. Any ideas???

Lastly, I want to refresh my engine, it's got 16k on it, I don't want to do pistons, but I was thinking of doing a full Gasket kit over the winter while I have fairings painted and things powder coated. My question, is there anything I should also do besides gaskets and valve adjustment while I have the motor off the frame to freshen up the motor?

Thanks in advanced guys! Here's a few pics of my bike.


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