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Real road racing....

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Are there any real road racing events in th US? Not been to the TT for a few years.Used to visit the TT and the MGP every year.Now go to Ireland 2 or 3 times a year.The North West 200 in May (most of the TT riders will be there) and the Ulster Grand Prix in August.Usually visit the Skerries races (near Dublin) in July.Now that course is scary! Not been to a short circuit race for years.For shear spectacle and atmosphere and getting close to the action you can't beat road racing!!
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What do you mean real road racing?
We have road racing on road tracks but really not public streets that they block off to have races.
You can see the local roadracing website for the MRA here in Colorado at

I would kill to be able to see the IOM in real life though
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