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Something of Vital Importance is to read the BarCode prefix on food packaging,the reason for this is to avoid any food from China.Vietnam.Hong Kong andThailand.
These Countries have no Food Inspection Regulations in place.
China is for instance the barCode prefics 690 through to 695
Some of the safe choices are as follows.
00 through to 13 is the USA
30 through to 37 is France
40 through to 44 is Germany
49 is Japan though Fukishima could be of concern of late.
50 is the United Kingdom
57 is Denmark
64 is Finland
76 is Switzerland and Lichtenstein
93 is Australia.
this is by no means a full list but common sense and the ones to in particular to avoid should help you start eating safely.

To understand why this is such a vital aspect of your health and why it really is to be noted and followed just have a look at the following site
Then bear in mind Fish and prawns in Vietnam are grown in Ponds that are subject in many areas to Human excreta sewage runoff with no treatment.
Other Countries can also be a potential risk but when you understand the BarCode Prefix then you have valuable knowledge to make an informed choice.
You are now informed be carefull and pass on the knowledge to both friends and families to have a look at the barcodes as they tell the truth about where and whom is responsible for packaged processed food.
The facts are as you will find out just because it says on the box for instance procuct of say canada does not mean it comes from Canada but may have been finalised and packed in canada or another reputable Country.
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