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HI, guys,

Owning my 2001 1000 since the beginning, now I feel it s time for me to upgrade but instead of getting a new bike to be up to date (already have 2); I plan to convert to 1070cc. I like my bike and dont want to get rid of it. After almost 20 years, I spent some money. It still runs strong. I like to modify and my goal is to get something reliable for street and trackdays.

After reading many discussions I started my shopping list from the bottom. Almost done now. Motor work only.
-2004 head with bored 04 TB (recommanded).
-2008 Crankshaft work done by Marine crankshaft.
-Tranny undedrcut by FastbyGast.
-Carillo rods H Beam.
-JE pistons FSR.
-APE CCT, SS valves, valve springs, cam sprockets and dummy shaft.
- MTC clutch basket.
-High volume pump gear.
- 2014 radiator and oil cooler custom upgrade.
-PC5 with auto tune.
-ARROW full exhaust with BMC race.
- 2005 slipper clutch.

Cams are 1K 2005 IN and 1K 2004 IN to EX for now but easily upgradable. Good and cheap combo.
Head work to be done by MILLENIUM.
The size of the valves are going to stay stock for the moment so no +1.

Just dont know who I should pick up as my builder.
These 3 company are very close to each other. So the mileage is ok for me but I m still hesitating.
I heard about Carpenter , should I consider ?
Any recommendation / bad stories?
Any advice for the parts…… ( I forgot something?)


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