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So a group of us headed out for a ride too Rawson , which is on the way to Wahalla .

Roads are super twisty , and hides alot of 'off camber' corners which has claim many a rider !!!

We had 10 bikes on the ride ... So not too many

I had a major moment coming back down the mountain , due to the very hot weather and log trucks chewing up the roads ... The council took it upon themselves to spread loose gravel on the roads with no warning signs !!!

I came around a rather quick left hander and was met by what can only be described as marbles everywhere ... Bike went into a slid then a wild fish tail tank slapper !!!

It was part luck that I didn't eat shit ... Truly a skids in the undies moment .

Other than a bruised knee and tar all over my Z1000 I got off lightly ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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