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Does anyone have any info on the 87 cbx 250 ? Any such thing as a service manual for that bike ? 87 cbx 250 was only introduced in canada for the 1 year i believe and finding very hard too find parts lol . .i would like to rebuild it over the winter and would be nice too find psrts but its rare as hell . Just dug out wifes cbx 250 this summer after sitting for 15-20 years . Got it running no problem with new plug and fresh gas in spray bottle as carb was gummed up pretty bad so i just pulled it first thing so i can fire it ising fresh gas from spray bottle but overall good . I stripped the bike down other day too bare frame too see condition of frame amd swingarm and again overall real good some serface rust here and there but paintable for sure . The rear shocks need full rebuild , fromt fork seals , and pretty much the basics all around So would love get service manual online or some info from someone that had experience with this bike to help out with shock rebuilds and seals and stuff along with carb jet settings and stuff I found all carb parts online china but china was all i can find as dealers have NO listing for much of that bike so the china parts be good too get it up running for now So if anyone got any extra info on that bike let me know thanks
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