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call me a moron, but I can't find the topic I started a little while ago about putting dunlop d208gp race tires on my street 01 750. any help would be appreciated

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So whats the question? The d208 is a very fine track tire. Yes, it is street legel. Race tires have been proven not to be as efective as a street tire on the street. Several magzine have tackled this subject before. On the track, now thats a different subject. I recently took the new bridgestone bt010 for a track day. I will not make this mistake again. It is a very good tire, but not the best tire for the track. You will not ride you bike on the street like you would a track. Therefore the race tire usually will never heat up to the proper temp to preform as they should. If you live at Deals Gap thats another story. Again, the gp/race tires are best for the track and the high performace/street tire is the best tire for the street. I probably could type another page, and tell you how the different tire structures and designs, make each type tire better suited for its purpose.

Good Luck!

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call me a moron, but I can't find the topic I started a little while ago about putting dunlop d208gp race tires on my street 01 750. any help would be appreciated</td></tr></table></td></tr></table></BLOCKQUOTE>

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sorry sum but your wrong about half of what you said. i use them on the street and i love them. i deleted the topic because too many people that know nothing about tires filled it with bullshit. read this and most of your questions will be answered. it was written by a dunlop tire rep.

Here is some text from Steve Brubaker on this very subject. Steve is well
> known in the racing world, and you've likely seen him
in the background
> shots in the winner circle.
> Steve is President of Race Tire Service and is Dunlop's
> on the East coast.
> First thing I must mention that I work exclusively with
Dunlop product and
> can only speak about product that I have first hand
knowledge and
> experience with.
> SAFETY. There is not a safety issue in running DOT
racing tires on the
> street. By SAFETY, I mean the tire will not have a
failure or come apart
> from normal aggressive street use. Excluding road
hazard. (Falling down
> on oil, gravel or excessive throttle is not a tire
> DIFFERENCE: The biggest difference in the racing tire
and the street tire
> is in the construction. Street tires have JLB
construction and race tires
> have a Cut Breaker or Cut Belt construction.
> JLB is when the main tread belt (the ply just
underneath the tread rubber)
> has all of it plies running in the same direction. All
the fibres are in
> the same direction, pointing the way the tire rotates.
> Cut Breaker construction is when there is 2 belts, both
have the plies
> running at an angle to the rotation.
> Take one hand and hold it in front of you, point your
finger to the
> ceiling and keep you fingers side by side. This is
what direction the
> fibres run on a JLB breaker. Now take both hands with
the fingers side by
> side, lay one set of fingers on top of the other set at
a 45 degree angle.
> This is what a Cut Breaker looks like. (a picture is
worth 1000 words,
> wish I had a picture to describe it better).
> Whether you understanding the direction of the plies or
not, the basic
> difference in feel and performance is that the JLB
construction is very
> good for stability over bumps and feedback on odd
surfaces. It also give
> a much more smooth ride. This is better for a street
ride and over the
> things that one runs over when riding in street
> The Cut Breaker is better at overall side grip. The
basic word here is
> SIDE GRIP. Cut Breakers give much more side grip and a
bit of a stiffer
> ride.

> TEMPERATURES: What does tire temperature have to do
with performance?
> Lets first understand an old falsehood "Race tires
won't stick till you
> warm them up" this is untrue and is a falsehood. Here
are the facts. If
> you took a race tire and a street tire and ran them
side by side, the race
> tire would provide more grip than the street tire in
every temperature
> range. So if both tires are at 60F the race tire works
better. If both at
> 160F, the race tire still works better. Now will a
cold race tire work as
> well as a hot street tire? I don't know, it would
depend upon the tires.
> (But I am sure that someone did this and fell down,
then started the
> rumor. ) The big difference comes in the cold verses
hot performance. A
> race tire get much better when hot. A street tire gets
a little bit
> better when hot.
> WARM UP TIME: Dunlops generally come in, in 1 lap (the
warm up lap). A
> street tire gets a little bit better when hot, but not
as much as a race
> tire. The harder one rides the quicker and hotter the
tire gets. These
> are basics datums. The rider has to gain experience
with tires and how
> they work by riding on them many times. There are not
hard numbers to
> describe degrees of traction for every increase in
temperature. Experience
> is the key here.
> Why would you use a RACE TIRE for the STREET? Plus
points - More grip.
> Minus points - Harsher over bumps, less feedback, cost
more, tend to wear
> quicker.
> Why would you use a STREET TIRE for the STREET? Plus
points - sufficient
> grip, smooth ride, more stable over bumps, last longer,
cost less Minus
> points - Don't look as cool as my friend with race
> If you are riding on the street and really need a race
tire, you should
> not be riding on the street. Street tires give very
good grip, enough to
> have a very fun time in the canyons. A street tire on
the track will run
> about 1.5 seconds slower than a race tire. Compared to
15 seconds slower
> for the average street rider that goes to the track, it
is easy to see
> that experience and practice makes a much bigger
difference than just tire
> choice.
> Ride and have fun.
> --
> Steve Brubaker, President, Race Tire Service Inc.

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FWIW, I've been using race tires on the street since the early '90s. K591, D202, D364, D207, D208, all in race compounds. They work perfectly as street tires, and I can take them to the track too. The only thing they hurt is my wallet when I have to buy new ones.

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Ohhhhhh boy! Here we go again. I have used race tires on the street also. I agree they do work. However there have been to many test done that say that the street tire is better for the street. I'm too busy now to look for the many articles that support me. I will bet that if anyone here, would email or call dunlop, bridgestone, or michelen that they will say that the street tire is better for the street than the race tire. They will also tell you why. I am very suprised that more of you guys haven't read these articles. I consantly read just about any motorcycle magazine that I can get my hands on. Like the old saying goes, to much information is better than not enough. I didn't read the reply on what the tire rep said. I believe that if you talk to 5 different EX butt crack tire reps, you will likely get 5 different stories. I've learned to trust a tire rep like I would a used car salesman. Someone do the footwork and post the results.

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Bmfgsxr, I could't contradict myself and not read the entire post. This guy doesn't sound like a butt crack like a lot of tire reps. This is some very good info. After reading it though, it sound like you are agreeing with me. The street tire is better suited for the street than the race tire. I also like the one comment that you made about riding so hard on the street, that you think need a race tire. Good info!

P.S. bmfgsxr, I think you should be your own man, dont stand on the shoulders of your brother or father. Erase that silly comment "brother of Hunter" I'm sure this hunter is great, but so are you. Make your own name. Good Luck!
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