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Race Railz? Check!

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Got my rails installed this morning!!:punk

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Looks good, can't wait to get mine... did you buy them during the GDC group buy or before? How long did it take you to receive them? How long to put them on? Any complications or advice?:cheers
Took about a week to get them cause I just missed the group buy. But they only take 30 mins to put on! I did scratch my head a little over where to put the included rubber pads, but then again I've never been terribly bright!

No complications, if u have any trouble when u get urs just PM me or post on this thread.
looks good. still waiting on mine
are those stickers on the railz? can they be removed or are they powder coated on? just wondering b/c mine should be here in a few days and that is the first thing i wan to get rid of
just stickers
those look pretty sweet, wish i would have found them before i got my sliders, oh well
That's what eBay is for!!

Get a set of railz and slap'em on. Then auction off your frame sliders!!

Spend the extra $25 and get the railz painted to match ur blue, that would rock.
dshaffer said:
those look pretty sweet, wish i would have found them before i got my sliders, oh well

I'm in the same boat. I got the motovation no cut sliders which I hear hold up quite well (i've never had to use them and I hope I never do) but had I have seen these before I got them I would have probably went with the race railz.

The race railz look like they would hold up better and protect during a crash than the motovation no cuts. They look good on on your bike :punk
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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