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Howdy Gang,

Brand new here.

Gotta few questions -

First off - my '05 should be arriving any day now. The bike is not gonna see any street time. It will be broken-in on a Dyno and then used solely as a race / track bike.

I have no experience with Gixxers, as my last two bikes have been R1s. My questions relate to Gixxer 1ks in general but '05s in particular.

1. In general, what engine mods are best suited to the big Gixxers in terms of racing applications?
2. Which Yoshimura full system(s) should I be looking at?
3. How does a Yosh EMS Controller compare to a Power Commander when used w/ a Yosh exhaust?
4. What results, if any, are V-stacks and/or "race" air filters showing on the Dyno?
5. And while we're at the stock steering damper an good or is it in need of upgrading?


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Here is my opinion.

Not sure as for the mod for the 05 motor but in the past cams, head gasket and porting are a great start if allowed in your racing class.

As for the pipe TRS Stainless Full System - Carbon Fiber High Exit

The new yosh cube is better as it allows for more adjustment. It is more like the R version of the power commander.

BMC race filter will flow more that stock.

You need an after market damper like Scotts and so on. The stock damper is lacking.

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Yep, new damper is a most.

I would look into more of some suspension mods at first. Nice new rear shock, new rims, new forks or internals. The engine is awesome, but of course, a nice full system and re-map is a most. Get the BMC filter. As for what full sys. to get, well how much $$$ u got, the more the better.

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