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What's up everyone happy monday

Just picked up my k6 about 3 weeks ago and it's been a lot of fun to say the least :)

I'm mainly posting to get some guys together to go on some rides, I just moved from Queen Anne in Seattle back to the navy base in Everett. I ride everyday and would like to get a group together so on weekends (I'd organize it so ya'll would just have to show up) fellow gsxr (or any bike for that matter) riders can meet up and go for some fun rides -- I think that'd be tight

Riding alone is still a blast don't get me wrong, but I think riding with 1+ others would be a much more fulfilling experience

Also, if any of you are pretty mechanically inclined, I'd buy you some beer to show me how to do the set/pair valve :) I'm relatively good with cars but don't know much about bikes. I just changed my oil a couple days ago but don't know how to do anything else to it really, don't want to f*** something up


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