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what do you guys think the pros and cons are of haveing a older model of gixxers!

There is only one rider and that is a rider of a gixxer. All your trobles can be left behind you when you ride them out!

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They are cheaper to purchase
They are cheaper to insure
They were cutting edge a decade ago
Some models came with a 17" tire with lots of tire choices
Plenty of performance for most mortals
Fun bikes, handle superbly

Usually need more maintenance
They are harder to get parts for
They aren't cutting edge now
Some of the earliest models came with 18" tires with fewer tire choices
Fewer aftermarket parts still available
Handles good enough to make you feel invincible and fast enough to cause serious pain if you crash

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The problems you will most likely run in to will in clude probably some leaking, the older stuff requires a little tlc, new bike looks envy(i suffer grom this, but there are ways around it) however, with some tinkering these old gixxers will run with anything new, there are a pethora of aftermaket parts, the tech is fairly simple to learn. on the street any thing up to race traxck velocity it doesnt really matter on your bike it matters how wewll you ride. I have given a few R1 riders fits with my 92 1100.
If looks get you down do some measuring cal up sharkskinz and get whatever body you want with no mountng holes, line up take your time and make your own holes, for the spots that use a plastic nipple like end just use a same diameter. nut and bolt set.
Sorry to ramble I hope this helps.
Karl-also deffinte pro with the old stuff you can make something trully unique, ho many people have the same looking new bike?


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it looks as if it is goin g to snow here???? shit

I have a 1100 gsxr 1986, and i have changed the upper main to a cbr 98 900 rr tl 1000 light and arse off a 93 gsxr it looks newish i like the old for the simplicity when fixing
the new they sound so clean and silent, but deadly.
the new look so yummy
the new well they are new.

The old inspect before you buy try to get the history of owners first.
the old can be moded prety easy, but if you are paying somebody it can get expensive., if you are donig it you may loose interest before it is done and the bike may look like a rat bike {shit}
if done properly and lookin good it could cost lots of time and money.
End result you could be saying why didn't i just buyt a new one.
i have asked myself this and i am noit done yet or may be selling if i can get what i want for it.

T o lease a bike a new one it's like 200 / month. that is pretty nice along with a warranty and newnessssss. It is a personal judgement call in the end.

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