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Put on by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, Appleseed is a marksmanship course that teaches you not only how to be skilled with a rifle, but also the history behind how marksmanship played a critical role in the Revolutionary War.

This past weekend, my son and I participated in a local event. It was a really good experience. If you're into shooting, I would highly recommend taking one of their classes. It's not expensive at all.

One of the goals is to qualify as a "rifleman". This is done by using either a full distance (centerfire) or MOA scaled (rimfire) AQT. It's not easy. :fact The average is taking the class 3 times before qualifying as a rifleman. The test has a maximum score of 250 and a score of 210 minimum to earn that classification. In my class, there was a younger army veteran who qualified expert in the military. This was his second event, and he still fell short of the rifleman patch.

Know trigger discipline and cadence? Know how to use a sling standing, sitting, and prone? Do you know how to find NPOA, or even what that means? Think you're a good shot?

Before this class, I thought I was pretty good. Today, I'm 5 times more accurate and consistent than I was before the class.
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