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Production Race pictures....

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Waiting in Parc Ferme to start..

In the above picture, we are sharing an awning with Bruce Anstey, who finished 2nd in the production race.

Waiting on the start line

Next to go..

Off for 3 laps and 115 miles

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This is a picture of the pit lane, as you can see, its very old fashioned. No quick dump fuel systems allowed, you must use their filling system, which evens it out for everybody. Not much room between pits though.....

The race went well for us, see separate report under the race diary section. This is a picture of Dave getting the results. You have to wait a while after the race has finished for the officials to work out all the timings. As each rider starts off 10 seconds behind the other, it is not a first past the post is the winner, like on short tracks. Anyway as you can see, he is very pleased.

Dave being interviewed for Television, as 2nd placed 750.

The results sheet, with Dave in 22nd place........2nd 750 by 11 seconds

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