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Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 Tire Combo

  • The new S20 gives riders sportier handling and more confident cornering thanks to its new pattern and MotoGP construction technology.
  • Provides strong grip with new compound that works in a wider range of temperatures.
  • Tire features quick warm-up, even in low temperature conditions.
  • Better wet performance than BT-016 PRO due to new pattern and compound.
  • Optimized tread compounds (3LC- dual compound).
  • Optimized contact area.
  • Optimized compound performance.
  • Wide range compound.
  • Wet grip improvement.
  • Performance and High Mileage maintained.
  • Straight center grooves improve cornering at low lean angles, especially at turn-in.
  • Side grooves on shoulder improve contact feel at higher lean angles, plus wet and dry grip.
  • Improved initial grip by maintaining contact area at the all lean angles.

Bridgestone Exedra Max Tire Combo

  • Specific rubber compound for cruiser applications provides long mileage.
  • Unique wide shape of tire profile supports touring-type riding while reducing fatigue.
  • Rubber compounds and tread patterns enhance water evacuation and both dry and wet grip.
  • Tubeless.

Bridgestone TW302

  • A 4-ply front/rear combination designed primarily for dual sport use.
  • Special dimpled tread pattern means many edges, which helps maximize traction.
  • Unique front/rear combination provides balanced highway and offroad performance.
  • 4-ply construction for long-wearing durability.
  • Self-cleaning tread blocks still give a traction edge for muddy and loose terrains.
  • Tube Type.

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