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I've been looking at getting an upgrade in terms of headlights and their brightness.

I'm really keen on a passive cooling LED set-up. (Was looking at something like this. Has a canbus module so super easy install)

The only problem is that it seems most LED's have a pretty fat radiator stuck on the end.

Now, the problem with the K1/2 GSX-R1000 is that the headlight/dash cage thingy that holds the front on passes right behind the spot where you access your bulb. It's fine with halogens but seems to be a problem with LED's.

So, on the unit I was looking at (linked above), you need about 4.5cm of clearance (for the radiator) and we've only got about 2.5cm on our model year.

My question for the forum is: Have you found a better solution?

Thanks in advance for any info/help!

First time posting btw.
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