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Problems with 97' 750 carb rebuild

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Long time lurker, first time posting..
So I'm in the process of rebuilding the carbs for a 97' 750 project I've been working on; during that process I've been battling with them the entire time. From stripping carb cap screws to the float screws and even jets, it's been a b*tch. The problem I'm stuck on now is I had to drill out one of the air pilot jets (below slide on intake side) to remove it, figuring I'd be able to source a replacement by the time I finished cleaning them; only I can't. Part number is 09492-25013. I even bought a factory pro kit on ebay hoping that they'd be included, no dice. If anyone would be gracious enough to point me in the right direction or maybe suggest an alternative solution I'd be grateful. Thanks 馃弽
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Could also reach out to ccmhunt's email.

Mikuni Pilot Jet 127.5
Part No: N100-606-127.5

Or reach out to the ppl who would know 100%
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