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A much neglected 1996 Gsx-r 1100w has made it’s way to my garage. I am told the bike will run once the ignition switch is replaced. I have seen a video of this bike on the rode. It seems to run strong.

A replacement ignition switch is on the way.

Right out of the chute this bike is giving me the blues. Removing the fairings to inspect the condition of the various hoses and such was complicated by the rusted bolts on the 2 upper mounts and the spinning captive nuts on the lower frame rail.

Got the fairing off by drilling out one of the upper mounting bolts and using a large screw driver as a wedge to get the lower bolts out of those spinning captive nuts.

I have ordered replacements for the upper bolt on brackets so that problem appears to be solved.

But what to do with those spinning captive nuts.

Any ideas? Surely others have encountered this problem.
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