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Powercommander launch control

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Hello guys/girls,

I hope this is the right section for my question. I recently installed a pcv and a pc quickshifter and ignition module. Everything works fine and i have 0 errors in the software etc. Now i want to have launch control on my bike and want to use the clutch switch for it. so my mechanic plugged an extra wire from the clutch switch (grounded) to my ignition module and i put it in port 5 but nothing works. (enabled launch control and tried switch 1 and 2). I hope someone can help me here how to configure launch control on a gsxr 1000 K5.

Thanks all!
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You put it in the third hole over from the screw? Is the Ignition module powering on? Have you tried calling Power Commander, they are actually pretty helpful, too
Hi Nick, i have checked it. i have put it in the third hole. my setitngs are now switch 2 normally open and as test i did 3 second arm and 2500RPM limit. but still not working. Do you know the powercommander number from the netherlands. (i live in the netherlands) BTW i even diasbled my quickshifter also that is not working.
Have you checked this?
JK750, thank you for your answer. I think i checked the whole internet from honda grom install to cbr/raptor kawasaki posts about it.
The one you mentioned they are using a pcv and ignition module in one. I have a stand-alone pcv and ignition module. I also contacted dynojet Netherlands and they will try to help me tomorrow. I hope we can figure it out tomorrow and i will post the solution here. (any tips are always welcome!)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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