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Dunno how many times this has been done so lets crank up the forum.
Post Em' if you got Em.

The short version,
Currently running an RF900 set of barrels on 750 bottom end.
Everythings been sorted and fiddled with I'm finally starting to enjoy it.

Now I want to polish the rim sides and frame forks and swingarm.

Also I was thinking chrome stickers either flames or tribal designs for the fairings
What to do what to do.

So cmon post your ride and wish list for it.

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Picture is a little out of date but you guys get
the idea.

All I need is:-

-Brake Lines
-Oil Cooler

Then I'm done and after 2.5 years its time for
some serious riding time.


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I want some numbers on those plates and some new suspension...painting the tank to match wouldn't hurt. I got rid of the airbox recently and it's running better

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so it is a wish list, huh?
all new bodywork from suzuki
rear sets
Fox rear shock
GSXR1100 forks "done" by traxxion dynamics(the 750s are too short)
rebuilt motro and tranny
38mm CV carbs
that is about it.

how much of that will get done, probably none.
i hate being broke.

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The wish list is easier

Harris Magnum 5 frame
Fork rebuild & Ti Nitride coating of stanchions (Lindemann Engineering)
White Dymags
White (with blue accents) paint for bodywork.
Q Racing Systems rearsets in Gold.
a new Arai Quantum helmet to replace my crashed one...

you'll notice my "wishes" get more realistic toward the end.

...and being able to ride again without guilt or grief from others.

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Sorry No pics buy i will post my wish list

Trac dynamics fork assembly and brakes
Bigger valve head
higher lift cams
Lightwieght AP or Pm rear brake
Haybusa one piece bodywork
1371 Big block
5 mm Stroker crank
150 horse jets
44 lectrons
Fuel cell
New adjustable shock
over 200 horse on muscle
and a low 8-high 7 time slip at 170+
That and a couple of spare motors and a new truck and trailer to pull it with and i should just about be set.

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For the 90...
Kehin FCR's - got'em
Yosh Race Exhaust - got that too
Yosh Rear sets - got them NOS going on this winter
Ohlins Shock - Got it
Gixxer 1000 forks and brakes - putting them on
this weekend, still need the wheels
New Gixxer 600-750 wheels (see above)
Thinking about a Yosh Endurance (Big Popa) style paintjob or doing it in Lucky Strike colors.

For the 88 7-11...
Aftermarket wheels - got'em Hypertech Domanators
USD forks - done but switching to 94 Blue forks
Six piston calipers - Done
1216 with Supercharger - Rebuilding now, Falcon Knife rods, MRE lock-up, JE pistons, Not sure about the head yet.
Custom Exhaust - Don't need backpressure because of the Supercharger so the options are wide open!
Fox shock and SRS link - Done
Yosh rearsets - Done
93 Swing arm - Done
01 750 subframe and tail - got the stuff just got to start cutting.
New Streetfighter fairing - Looking here:
Poilsh the frame wheels and swingarm - once agian just got to get off my butt and do it!
Custom paint - Need to decide how its going to look first!

P.S. This one is currently on the Two year plan Planning on having it done by May of '04

Its had to see but the Plate on my Yukon Reads "GIXXER"


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The Before shot. Too many mods to list.

The During shot.

I'm still working on the wish list, but here's a start:

- single sided swingarm
- underseat exhaust
- Angel Eyes headlights
- LED brake lights & turn signals
- Fresh motor (too much to list)
- '03 USD forks
- Frame sliders (just because they say it can't be done)

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This years wish list....

A better picture of my bike

Old school Technomagnesio 17" rims

Chain conversion

Polished frame and swinger

Yosh titanium Duplex (yeah right)

Daisy Fuentes (why not!)

Next year it's time to go APE!

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Wish list
Full floating rotors
Fox rear shock
Race Tech Fork springs and valving
Two Brothers ajustable clip-ons
Rev Light
Oil Temp Gauge
Braced swing arm
Bandit 1200 motor or 955 kit
Dyna ignition system
Yosh upper triple clamp
New paint (Same color)

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