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Possible MotoGP rider to come to AMA SBK in 07

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Former MotoGP Rider Moves To US Superbike for '07?
by dean adams

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Team Corona Honda is on the verge of signing former MotoGP rider James Ellison to race the 2007 US Superbike series. Ellison raced for the Tech Three Yamaha squad this season but saw his chance to ride MotoGP disappear as rides and riders shuffled for next year.

Team Corona Honda's Tim Saunders said this afternoon, "It's not done yet, but it's leading that way. We're pretty excited, as is James, because it's a good opportunity for him. He's wanted to race in the US for a while now and we're really pleased to have him."

"James has got a lot of potential," Saunder said.

Asked how he managed to snag a MotoGP rider for his team, Saunders said that his crew are seasoned racers with a great many friends. "We've got a lot of contacts in Europe and throughout the world really and heard that James was available and interested."

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james ellison is a great rider, but will be unaffective against ama riders on ama cirtcuits on bikes they are familiar with.
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