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poping wheelies

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I've put almost 1k on my bike and I feel really comfortable with it. I really want to start doing wheelies. I've heard different ways of doing it, but how do you guys do it? (got a 04' 600)
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ok, wait and listen to what other people r saying since im in the learning process just like u on my 04 600. i think there's already a thread like this a week or 2 ago. I havent gotten to where i can ride the wheelie but i can atleast get it up for a sec or 2. I usually power it up in first going about 9k rpms then i let off the throttle then back on pulling up and it usually pulls up pretty fine. It's addicting i just wish i could ride them but that's what practice is for. just be safe and try to not loop. I could also go for some tips
Use the search function guys. There is a nice write up by Leanangle_750 in the stunt section.
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Pop a beer while your not riding, will be more fun
Go to the stunting forums
Wheelies are more controlable in 2nd than 1st
As soon as you are "really comfortable" you're gonna fuck up
Be careful
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