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Poll: How Do You Feel About Loud Pipes?

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'Loud pipes save lives' and 'the louder it is the faster it is' are all phrases you’ve probably heard before, but for a lot of people – particularly the non-riding public – loud exhausts prove to be obnoxious. Which camp do you find yourself in?
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My bike came with an auto zone special megaphone. Thats litterally the first ting I changed. As the regulars here already know, I came here when I replaced my wrecked Katana with a gsxr. The Kat had a full yoshimura exhaust on it. Not loud, but sounded sooo much better than stock. Then I binned it on an illegal left turner who either thought he could beat me or didn't see me. When the pics surfaced on Facebook a guy said "loud pipes save lives" I fucking tore that douche a new asshole on how his statement was completely ignorant and a complete fallacy. The "loud pipes saves lives" is simply a justification for assholes who need ALL the attention that they own and operate a motorcycle. Fuck you, douche. Lol Buncha bullshit.

I keep the megaphone on a shelf incase I feel obnoxious and wanna make some noise. BUT hasn't happened yet.

I'd rather ride fast under he radar than ride slow and the whole neighborhood know I'm comin.
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1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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