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Poduction 1000 race with pics

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Production 1000 race

Everything was set for us to race on Monday. The start of the 125 and 400 race was delayed by a couple of hours due to fog and mist on the course, although in Douglas at the pits it was a glorious day. The race was supposed to start at 1.15 pm, but eventually got underway at 5pm.

Dave was riding his GSXR 1000 K3 and during practice has lapped at over 113 mph on what is essentially a stock machine, apart from race bodywork, Galfer race brake lines and pads and race suspension. The front runner during the week was Bruce Anstey on the TAS Suzuki GSXR, along with Ian Lougher on the production CBR 1000, plus John McGuinness on the new R1.

Warming the bike up

The race started and halfway round the first of 3 laps, it was Anstey leading when the race was red flagged due to fog and mist on the course. We were running at number 55 and were only 3 away from starting before it was red flagged, we at least we saved a set of tyres as we never even got off the start line. The race was postponed to the following day, so for the racers it was another early night to prepare for the following days race, whereas the rest of us took a trip down to the world famous Bushy’s bar down on the sea front promenade. During the TT festival, a massive bar is erected to provide beer for the TT fans, whilst they watch the official and unofficial stunt shows that go on outside of the bar.

Busheys bar

Stunt show on the prom

Trial bike demo on the prom by Steve Colley

The following day, the race got off after a slight delay, but the weather ended up perfect for the race. We were off at number 55, no idea how we got such a low number this year, when in 2003, we finished in 21st place. Anyway, the front runners were Anstey and Archibald on the TAS GXSR 1000’s, McGuinness and Griffiths on the R1’s and Lougher on the new CBR 1000. With everyone running standard fuel tanks as part of the production rules, there was a lot of debate as to whether the R1’s and the CBR would be able to do 2 laps before the fuel stop. The new ZX10r from Kawasaki was almost certain to not make it with its 17-litre tank, rather than the 18 litre tanks on the other bikes.

Off for the proddie race

After 2 laps Dave came in for his pit stop. A quick 15 seconds of fuel later and he was back out. We only needed to give him enough fuel for 1 more lap, with this being a 3 lap race, but I am always surprised as to how many teams give their rider a full tank to go out with to just do 1 lap on. At the front, it was turning out to be a straight race between Anstey and McGuinness for the win, with the Kiwi Anstey eventually taking the crown for the TAS Suzuki team with McGuinness on the new R1 in second with Griffiths in 3rd. Dave finished in 30th place, which although position wise was disappointing, he did qualify for a bronze replica, we got the last one with an average speed of 112.92 mph, so it ended up as a good day all round.

Bruce Ansteys winning GSXR 1000

For a full race report visit the TT website at
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