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Ok so heres the issue, have a 92 GSXR600 i love but the whole spedo cluster had been failing bit by bit. I went to look into it finally and all the wires have broken from the harness clip on the bike side (not the cluster side) at the point where they are crimped. I have already stripped all the wires on the harness side and re soldered the pins that go into the molex connector and was rdy to put everything back together until I realized the color coding of the wires does not match on both sides.

Long and short, I need picks of the harness that plugs into the speedometer cluster on a 92 suzuki gsxr 600 so I know what order to plug these pins in so I dont short anything.

PLEASE if you have a 92gsxr or even close take a pick of both sides of this harness and send to me! :wink2:

Its super easy to get too and disconnect you dont even eed any tools but without this info I am riding blind. :crying:

I know 4 of the wires because they left some of the coating the rest broke without leaving any plastic but I will at least be able to tell if the info is correct or not if the 4 Known wires match so if your a year or few years off or mabe have a 750 same year send me what you ave and I can make intelligent guesses :surprise:

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