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Greetings all

I was recommended a 190/55/17 rear for my K4 (standard fit 190/50/17). Upon fitting, it:

a) fouls the hugger

b) Touches the rear of the belly pan

Rear sprocket is 43 (not 42). Front ‘may’ also be different. I’ve not checked it yet, as I only bought the bike last week.

Anyone else had similar problems?


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I wasn't aware of that but per this (#32) it seems to be known back to at least 2009. Adding two links to the chain seems to help. It appears that 180/55 would have been a better choice.

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That happens with a taller tire.

I too prefer the 55 proflie. Just put spacers (washers) on the rear hugger. Cut a notch in the rear of belly pan to clear. I did The same on one of my track bikes running a 200/60.
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