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New to me but not new to the track. 2002 GSX-R 750, Track ONLY bike from day 1.

Scored it at a sweet price to be my new trusty track only steed. Going to give all the fluids a re-fresh and put some new tires on it. Other than that I'm not sure what else to even do to make it track day ready. Everything is safety wired with great detail, new brake pads and fluid all the way around, chain and sprocket in good shape. I'm going to change the oil, put a wrench on all available nuts, and possibly a new set of tires. Am I missing anything? Spark plugs and air filter came to mind but I might wait till July to address those if they are needed. Just want to make sure I pass tech.


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Alright this scan is old (AUG 99) but its at Cadwell Park and if the quality was better you would instantly recognise the ex WSB kit parts -:
Magnesium PVM 6.5 inch Rear Wheel
YEC Magnesium Offset Triple Clamp
Magnesium Dymag Front with I think OWO1 Discs ?
AP one piece 4 Piston Calipers +AP Master
WP Works forks that are so rare I cant find a picture of them anywhere on-line,
The whole lot was off Terry Rymers Pepsi Galp Yamaha YZF750 that he rode in the 93 WSB Season the forks are stamped "TR4" and dated 10-93,

The pic of the "Pepsi" bike here is Rymers team mate Pedro From Portugal although not WSB round must have still been a pretty good set up cos he's got a #1 on it !!

BTW I still got it ALL and it comes in 2 differant flavours now ??


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Hi everyone ,This is my bike and some of the mods to name a few are listed in the pics.


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2006 GSX-R1000

Ohlins Rear Shock
K-tech RDS Fork Cartridges
Brembo Front master cylinder 17RCS
Brembo front rotors
Brembo GP4-RS calipers
Ohlins SD30 steering damper
Speigler SS brake lines
Vesrah SRJL-XX front brake pads
SBU rear rotor
Zeta Ratio clutch perch and lever
Attack Rearsets
Carbon fiber trim
EK3d 520 chain -1 front with Driven aluminum rear sprocket
CORE-MOTO Carrozzeria Titanium Grey wheels
Dunlop Q3+ 120/70 & 190/55
Shori Battery
Bazzaz Z FI-TC (fuel, quick shift & traction control)
Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen
Race Fit Mega Titanium exhaust
GB Racing case covers
Captive rear brake caliper
Sprint P08 air filter
Stompgrip tank pads
Pair valve delete


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How did I miss this thread...any opportunity I get to post pics of my bike I’ll take it!

07 750 with all the usual track goodies. She’s going to get some love this winter in the form of-

Brembo RCS17
Remote Adjuster
Vesrah RJL Pads
Brand new freshly painted fairings
RK GXW 520 Gold

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