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Pics from today\'s ride (4-16)

Today was short day, about a 300miler, we made several stops and a few for pics. Roads were probably 60/40 clean but some were broken up pretty bad from winter abuse/frost heaves/etc. Not too bad but enough to give you the willies.

We rode RT41, RT60 to Covington, VA....RT220 through Hot Springs to RT39 into Marlinton, WV. The Rt39 to RT55 to Nettie, hit RT20 to Rainelle. Grabbed 60 again and back to 41 to home (Beckley, WV).

Didn't see as many bikers out as I would have thought. It was a great day to ride....

Troy, the guy in the blue shirt, rides about 2hours just to meet up with us to go riding!! He's from Barboursville---he's the high miler of the group by far! Jeff is the one molesting the bear and "adjusting" his pants.

Click on the pic for a larger version....slightly larger is available if anyone would want.
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